Gentle Giant Cat Has Grown To Over 4 Feet, Some Think He Is A Dog

Image: Natalie Bowman / Finn the cat

This staggering sized cat has now grown to 4.27 feet long. Often people approach Natalie Bowman who has had the cat named Finn since 2017. Finn is so big he needs to eat often upwards of 4 times a day sometimes. 32 year old Natalie says she spends more than $150 dollars a month on food for Finn. “It’s really funny, they think he’s a dog, and then when they get closer they say oh my god it’s a cat and they love him.” This particular cat is Maine Coon, Once popular in cat shows in the late 19th century, this cat was later threatened when longer-haired breeds were introduced from overseas during the 20th century. Finn is unique and beloved by all he comes across. One can wonder how much he weighs. Quite a cat indeed!

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