Hundreds of Strangers Rally Together, To Make 4 Year Old Cancer Survivor’s Wish Come True

Whitaker Weinburger NBC News Screenshot

The event took place in Alexandria, Virginia. One little boy named Whitaker Weinburger  has had a rough go at it in life. When the boy was asked what he wanted for his birthday, he said “100 Bumblebees”. It looks like his wish was granted, after his mother Erin posted on Facebook: “Does anyone have a yellow car, or connections with yellow cab companies, or is in media, so we can share our story and see if it’s possible to make this happen? I know this is a crazy idea, but man alive, we want to see Whitaker experience a miracle as big as he is.” Young Whitaker has been fighting stage-4 neuroblastoma since he was just 13 months old. In celebration, the kindness of many strangers united to bring forth some wonderment to his birthday. Whitaker is a fan of the Transformers movie franchise. His favorite character is Bumblebee, so some of the the people there decided to both dress up in costume and bring their yellow cars in honor of the young lad.

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