Janitor Able To Retire Thanks To Students Raising $270,000 Dollars For Him

Image: GoFundMe

One TikTok video went viral posted by senior Greyson Thurman showing Mr. James cleaning the halls. Then a GoFundMe page was setup in effort to help Mr. James. People started reaching out to help and the fund raiser reached $270,000 dollars. “It’s just amazing,” said Principal Jason Hooper, ”You know of the need that was met because of three kind kids, but of all of our students who have pitched in to help that need.” This really helped school spirit as well. There are a lot of good folks out there who try to help others and that is a great thing! This time around students from Callisburg high school in Texas had a new janitor working at the school. He is know as Mr. James and is 80 years old. His rent went up and he needed $400 more a month to help.

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