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Woman And Her Dog Named ‘Dogtor’ Deliver Thousands of ‘Hero Healing Kits’ to Hospital Workers

In these desperate and unsure times from the COVID-19 outbreak, one woman along with her dog nicknamed ‘Dogtor’ help to deliver custom kits made up to help medical workers including doctors, nurses and others. Loki the Rottweiler along with owner, Caroline Benzel, were familiar faces at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in

Flight Attendant Reaches Out To Deaf Teen Passenger With Special Personal Note

Sometimes people need a helping hand. In this case it was a note that changed the experience for a 16 year old girl who is deaf. It was Ashley’s first time flying and one fight attendant went out of her way to make her feel comfortable. This teenager was born deaf, so she was

Pawn Shop Owner Gives Wheelchairs To 580 People, Some Of Them Haven’t Been Outside In Years

One Connecticut  pawn shop owner decided to make a difference by donating 580 wheelchairs to those less fortunate. Philip Pavone’s pawn shop started back in 2009. He soon realized space needed to be freed up and the chairs weren’t really selling. So, he elected to start giving them away to handicap users. Philip then

Uncle Rushes Into Fire Saving His 8 Year Old Niece

Without hesitation, one uncle decided to take things into his hands. He saved his niece from being injured by rushing into a burning fire. His name is Derrick Byrd and he said he would do it all over again, even dying to save his family. He is still quite young himself at age 20.

Bear Cub Rescued From Inside Basement Experiences Grass For First Time

It is astounding that anyone would keep a small bear cub inside their basement as a pet. However, this is exactly what happened. Fortunately, the young cub was saved and taken to a Bear Sanctuary Prishtina. It was illegal for this person to keep a bear pet like this, especially in poor conditions. The

Policeman Gives Child Ride Home, Returns With Groceries And Treats For Poor Family

His name is James Riley and he went way above and beyond a normal day of duty. First of all, he noticed a child on the streets of Austin, Texas. The boy explained he was on his way to get some snacks for a younger sibling. Not long after, when Officer James Riley dropped