Woman And Her Dog Named ‘Dogtor’ Deliver Thousands of ‘Hero Healing Kits’ to Hospital Workers

In these desperate and unsure times from the COVID-19 outbreak, one woman along with her dog nicknamed ‘Dogtor’ help to deliver custom kits made up to help medical workers including doctors, nurses and others. Loki the Rottweiler along with owner, Caroline Benzel, were familiar faces at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore. Since Loki had such a friendly reputation with the hospital staffers and patients, he and Benzel would visit the hospital and cheer up the residents three days a week. These “hero healing kits” include items such as skin lotions, boxes of tea, coffee, baby powder, chapstick, chewing gum and other things to aid the front lines of hospital staff during these trying times. Many hospital workers have suffered themselves after wearing protection all the time including masks and gloves. Hopefully these hero healing kits will help them. Medical student Caroline said she couldn’t sit around any longer and do nothing.

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