Policeman Gives Child Ride Home, Returns With Groceries And Treats For Poor Family

His name is James Riley and he went way above and beyond a normal day of duty. First of all, he noticed a child on the streets of Austin, Texas. The boy explained he was on his way to get some snacks for a younger sibling.

Not long after, when Officer James Riley dropped the child off at his home, he learned of the child’s financial difficulties. The officer was heartbroken. Concerned for the child’s health, he returned from the grocery store and bought the family groceries and treats.

Austin Police Department Officer James Riley groceries

He spoke with the children letting them know how about being safe and the importance of only leaving the house with an adult. Once the Austin Police Department learned of their officer’s good deed, they later posted a photo of his grocery cart onto social media. People are praising the officer for his efforts and good deed.

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