Little Girl Befriends Her Pet Tree Frog Given Up By Previous Owner

Image: Juliana Allon

One little girl from Panama City, Florida has a new pet that seemingly has her back. The pair are close and do everything together. The little girls mother bought the frog from a pet store for $40 dollars. “The store let her pick him up and hold him,” recalled Brandie. “Then she said, ‘Mommy, please, please, please!’ and I couldn’t say no.” This frog likes to perch on her shoulder. Now the frog has been named “George” the two of them are inseparable it seems. According to Brandie her daughter walks around with George on her shoulder and somehow he manages to stay on. They already own a dog and a cat, but George sleeps in Juliana’s bedroom in a cage with a heat lamp, and gets fed with plenty of worms.

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