Entire School Learns Sign Language After New Deaf Student Arrives

When news arrived that a 6 year old deaf student Morie Belanger was going to be attending Dayton Consolidated School. They wanted to make her feel comfortable. So, they all started learning sign language. The staff and students wanted to communicate with her and make her feel welcome.

To help the students learn sign language, posters were placed around the entire school. So far, the students have learned 20 different vocabulary words.

“Morey – without even knowing it – has taught us so much,” school Principal Kimberly Sampietro told CNN. “She has brought a culture to our building that we didn’t have before.”

“Morey helped all of them to learn the alphabet,” she added. “The kids have just really embraced her. They look up to her, they want her around, and they want to partner with her.”

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