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Childhood Sweethearts Separated As Children, Find One Another Years Later And Get Married

It seems destiny had other plans for these two. Both Natalie Crowe and Austin Tatman, lost touch with one another for 12 years. They were the best of friends when they were little before Natalie moved away from Florida to Connecticut. Perhaps their hearts reached out to find one another again. One day, Natalie

Mother Reunites With Daughter She Placed For Adoption 70 years ago

It was a heartfelt and touching moment, as the two met up with one another. Beth Pullen is now 90 years old and she finally met up with her daughter after 70 years. The entire moment was captured on camera back on May 6th. The two first connected last month thanks to a DNA

Toddler Survives 60 Foot Fall, Lands On Strangers Car Roof

If this strangers car wasn’t there, a 20-month-old boy likely would not have survived. The toddler “landed in a way where the car absorbed enough of the impact that he was awake and crying when paramedics arrived”. Redmond police spokesman James Perry, told the KIRO television station that the small boy survived and is