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People Come Together, To Help Rescue An Elephant Trapped In A 20 Foot Well

It happened in India and the people there discovered a younger elephant that fell down a 20 foot deep well. Working together and using a pulley system, they were able to help save the elephants life. “The massive rescue effort took place last week close to the Panagar army camp in Jalpaiguri, Western Bengal,

Teenager Catches Toddler Mid-Air Before She Hits The Ground, Now He Is Hailed As A Hero

Feuzi Zabaat was out in the street when he looked over and noticed a small girl was by a nearby window. The little girl apparently wandered away while her mother was cooking in the kitchen. She then literally fell into the arms of Zabaat in Istanbul, Turkey. Feuzi said, he was out working in

Miracle Meeting, Girl Reunites With Her Father Who Abandoned Her Years Before

An unlikely meeting would change the lives of both a father and daughter forever. Ileana Quintanilla was raised by her maternal grandparents in Nicaragua. She learned about her father who abandoned her many years before. Her mother Doña Patricia, gave birth to her when she was only 16 years old. It was a difficult

14 Year Old Girl Scout Saves Drowning Boy, Receives Girl Scout Medal Of Honor

While Ava Kopecky was out at Woodbridge North Lake in Irvine, California she didn’t know how her day was going to turn out. A two-and-a-half year old boy fell into the water and Ava thought quickly about what to do. She isn’t the strongest swimmer but she grabbed a nearby stick, to assist the

Entire School Learns Sign Language After New Deaf Student Arrives

When news arrived that a 6 year old deaf student Morie Belanger was going to be attending Dayton Consolidated School. They wanted to make her feel comfortable. So, they all started learning sign language. The staff and students wanted to communicate with her and make her feel welcome. To help the students learn sign

Dog Trapped For 3 Weeks In Cave, Saved By Hiker Nearby

This lucky dog was saved by hiker Joe Dunn. He was exploring the forests of Withlacoochee State Forest near Tampa, Florida. While there, he began to hear yelps coming from the trees nearby. As it turns out, a dog had fallen inside of a cave and needed help. Joe descended down tucked the animal