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Frozen Cat Named ‘Fluffy’ Saved By Veterinarians

This little cat really does have extra lives. Known as ‘Fluffy’, this cat nearly died but was saved after being found in a snowbank covered from head to tail in ice and snow. Veterinarians were able to help the near dead cat and bring it back to stable condition. Fluffy is normally a little

Hospital Gives Kids Mini Cars To Drive Into Surgery To Help With Their Stress

Children do not understand things like adults do. Anyone going into surgery would likely be stressed out. What if there was a way to make going into the room a bit more “fun”. This is what one hospital decided to do and so far its worked out nicely. The children are now more relaxed

Grandmother Waves To Students For Years, Gets Warm Surprise After 400+ Students Come To Wave Back At Her All At Once

For years, both Tinny Davidson and her late husband waved to students as they passed by on the road. At 88 years old, she received a bunch of friendly waves back all at once after 400+ students came to pay their respects to her. The couple waved to students for 12 years, as they

These Friends Find Out They Are Actually Brothers

Unknowingly, sometimes people come along in your life who you grow close to. Perhaps they might even turn out to be a relative. This is what happened when two Texas men had DNA tests done. Now, they are closer and happier after discovering they are biological brothers. Walt Gordy, 37, always wanted a sibling.

Hardcore Star Wars Fan Paints Observatory Into R2-D2 Robot

Hubert Zitt, is a German professor from Zweibr├╝cken University of Applied Sciences. By the way, he is a huge Star Wars fan and painted a observatory into R2-D2. Everyone so far is impressed and inspired by his creativeness.

Jeanna Smith Received A Gopher Tortoise On Her 10th Birthday, They Still Are Friends 56 Years Later

Pets can come and go in ones life, sometimes sooner than later. While Jeanna loved her other pets, none have been with her longer than her faithful pet “George” the tortoise. They have remained friends since 1962 and it is a special thing for them. George enjoys his special treats each week.