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This Man Has Rescued Hundreds Of Dogs And Still Continues To Save Them

About 6 years ago, a Greek man named Theoklitos “Takis” Proestakis came across an abandoned, injured, malnourished stray dog at a dump site. Since then, he has continued to rescue hundreds upon hundreds of dogs. At first, he brought the dog back to a veterinarian. Realizing they could not keep the dog, he returned

Students Pay For School With Trash Cleanup

In the country of India, a clever school has been setup to allow students to pay for their education by cleaning up trash. Using a grocery sized bag, they must bring 25 pieces of trash to attend the school each day. The students collect the trash from their local communities. When the school first

Girl Born With Backwards Legs Now Can Walk, Thanks To Strangers And Miracle Surgery

Her name is Victoria Komada and she was unfortunately born with her legs facing the other direction. Thanks to the kindness of others, she received a free miracle surgery at age 3. The cost of the procedure was $250,000 dollars. Thousands of people donated to help the child recover. The condition she has is

Illiterate Older Women Are Now Attending South Korean School, Along With First Graders

This school has decided to help out senors who can’t read and write by opening their doors to them. Daegu Elementary, is just one of the many rural schools in Gangjin County, searching for kids to fill up their classrooms. It doesn’t matter their age, because everyone is here to learn it seems. Eight

Charlie Is A Blind Dog, But His Buddy Maverick Helps Him Get Around Now

The two have become the best of friends. Charlie is an 11 year old golden retriever, who lost his sight back in 2016. Owners Adam and Chelsea Stipe had his eyes taken out due to glaucoma. “When Maverick and Charlie play, it’s definitely great to watch because Charlie turns into such a puppy. It’s

Toddler Survives 60 Foot Fall, Lands On Strangers Car Roof

If this strangers car wasn’t there, a 20-month-old boy likely would not have survived. The toddler “landed in a way where the car absorbed enough of the impact that he was awake and crying when paramedics arrived”. Redmond police spokesman James Perry, told the KIRO television station that the small boy survived and is