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Dog Trapped For 3 Weeks In Cave, Saved By Hiker Nearby

This lucky dog was saved by hiker Joe Dunn. He was exploring the forests of Withlacoochee State Forest near Tampa, Florida. While there, he began to hear yelps coming from the trees nearby. As it turns out, a dog had fallen inside of a cave and needed help. Joe descended down tucked the animal

Childhood Sweethearts Separated As Children, Find One Another Years Later And Get Married

It seems destiny had other plans for these two. Both Natalie Crowe and Austin Tatman, lost touch with one another for 12 years. They were the best of friends when they were little before Natalie moved away from Florida to Connecticut. Perhaps their hearts reached out to find one another again. One day, Natalie

Mother Reunites With Daughter She Placed For Adoption 70 years ago

It was a heartfelt and touching moment, as the two met up with one another. Beth Pullen is now 90 years old and she finally met up with her daughter after 70 years. The entire moment was captured on camera back on May 6th. The two first connected last month thanks to a DNA

Mailman Postpones Retirement, People Send Him On Dream Vacation

Floyd Martin has been a mailman in Atlanta, Georgia for 35 years, everyone it seems loves what he has done for the local community here. They wanted to pay him back in some way, for all the deliveries he has made at their doorstep. So, they decided to send Floyd on an all expenses

Teenage Swimmers Praying For Help, Suddenly Rescued By Boat Named “Amen”

Tyler Smith and Heather Brown were hanging out at Vilano Beach in Florida last month, when they decided to go for a swim in the ocean. Things didn’t go as planned. The teenagers were out drifting at sea, all hope was nearly lost for them until out of nowhere their prayers were answered. The

Chinese Construction Worker Saves Others From Burning Building With Crane

While he was on duty, a 19 year old Chinese construction worker named Lan Junze quickly noticed people were in trouble inside of a burning apartment building. Thinking quickly, he swung his machine crane over to get them to safety after hearing them screaming in terror. This happened in Fushun City, Liaoning Province. Over