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Hundreds of Strangers Rally Together, To Make 4 Year Old Cancer Survivor’s Wish Come True

The event took place in Alexandria, Virginia. One little boy named Whitaker Weinburger  has had a rough go at it in life. When the boy was asked what he wanted for his birthday, he said “100 Bumblebees”. It looks like his wish was granted, after his mother Erin posted on Facebook: “Does anyone have

One Woman Opens Her Home Up To 97 Rescue Dogs Fleeing From Hurricane Dorian

Chella Phillips has now taken in 97 different homeless and abandoned dogs. She lives in Nassau and has prepared since the Dorian storm hit the island this week. Around 79 of these dogs are staying in her big master bedroom. She doesn’t mind all the noise or waste these dogs are producing, as she

People Come Together, To Help Rescue An Elephant Trapped In A 20 Foot Well

It happened in India and the people there discovered a younger elephant that fell down a 20 foot deep well. Working together and using a pulley system, they were able to help save the elephants life. “The massive rescue effort took place last week close to the Panagar army camp in Jalpaiguri, Western Bengal,

Bulldog Shares A Smooch With Curious Manatee

A rather curious Manatee along with a curious Bulldog decided to made friends with a smooch! The entire moment was captured on video recently and quickly spread around the web. This English Bulldogs name is Frapp and he made a friend that day. The man was surprised as he captured the entire moment with

Pawn Shop Owner Gives Wheelchairs To 580 People, Some Of Them Haven’t Been Outside In Years

One Connecticut  pawn shop owner decided to make a difference by donating 580 wheelchairs to those less fortunate. Philip Pavone’s pawn shop started back in 2009. He soon realized space needed to be freed up and the chairs weren’t really selling. So, he elected to start giving them away to handicap users. Philip then

Uncle Rushes Into Fire Saving His 8 Year Old Niece

Without hesitation, one uncle decided to take things into his hands. He saved his niece from being injured by rushing into a burning fire. His name is Derrick Byrd and he said he would do it all over again, even dying to save his family. He is still quite young himself at age 20.