14 Year Old Girl Scout Saves Drowning Boy, Receives Girl Scout Medal Of Honor

While Ava Kopecky was out at Woodbridge North Lake in Irvine, California she didn’t know how her day was going to turn out. A two-and-a-half year old boy fell into the water and Ava thought quickly about what to do. She isn’t the strongest swimmer but she grabbed a nearby stick, to assist the small child from out of the water. Fortunately, the child was saved and Ava’s heroics were not gone unnoticed. Ava then pulled him to safety and he was reunited with his mother. Vikki Shepp, the CEO of Girl Scouts of Orange County, presented the award to Ava, who is a Cadette from Troop 1967 in Irvine. By the way, Ava also enjoyed her visit to the Disneyland Hotel. 

Ava Kopecky saves boy from drowning

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